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About Satu Wiren

Who is Satu Wiren, how did I get here?

I am a life long learner – I love learning new things every day.
I will never stop.

  • Born in Finland and currently living here.
  • Been in this business for 20 years – learnt a thing or two
  • Early adopter of personal computing and the Internet
  • Studied in Helsinki School of Economics, now called Aalto University
  • Studied Finnish language and communication + marketing
  • Studied communications in the US in an exchange program
  • Landed my first copywriting job before graduating
  • Moved to Germany and then the UK
  • Started my translation business on a shoestring
  • Got a diploma in adult education
  • Moved back to Finland and started an agency
  • Decided to fall back to freelancing and concentrate on my own skills.
  • Started specializing in transcreation
  • Helped many major brands to convey their message to the Finnish audience
  • Discovered social media – the rest is history…..
  • Got interested in SEM and SEO – and still learning every single day

Feel free to contact me for all your Finnish language needs.


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