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105 content type ideas

Nathan Ellering of CoSchedule has written a superb post on content ideas.

105 Ideas for Your Editorial Calendar

The ideas include

  1. Lists –  Lists are one of the most effective types of content, especially when applied to blog posts.
  2. How to – The words “How To” in the title perform really well for evergreen content.
  3. Why – It can be extremely powerful when combined with fact-driven information
  4. Case studies – Case studies tell the story of how you’ve helped your customers solve their problems
  5. Product reviews – Tell your audience how it’s helped you solve your challenges, and how you think it’ll help them out, too.
  6. Awards….
  7. Polls….
  8. Surveys.
  9. …and the list goes on all the way up to number 105!

Read the full story here:

Ellering’s List of Content Ideas


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