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Bad Finnish translations

Here you will find some examples on
how it should NOT be done.

HM sells money
H&M sells EUR50 notes with  EUR10 discount
AEG featuring Miele
Here AEG unintentionally mentions the name of their competitor Miele. Professional transcreator would not have made that kind of mistake.
warning sign makes no sense
This just simply does not make any sense at all! Total machine translated gibberish.
Bad survey question
Someone did not check the final lay-out before publishing. They ask about agreement, but there are no statements to agree with.
bad survey question2
And what happened here? The original text had placeholders for some words and due to the nature of Finnish language, you just cannot use the basic form everywhere or simply add an ending to the basic form stem.


Avoid a bad rap and use a professional. Feel free to contact me for all your Finnish language needs.

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