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Want to learn Finnish?

Where to learn Finnish? How to study Finnish? Looking for Finnish online courses and resources?

You have found all the info you need. Here is a comprehensive list of Finnish online courses for beginners and advanced students alike. You will also find info on courses delivered on site and a list of free Finnish dictionaries and other resources for studying Finnish language. Enjoy and learn a new language!

Online Courses

Introductory course offered by Helsinki Uni

LEVEL: Beginner

What they say:

This introduction to Finnish language and Finland is divided into two parts.

In the first part, you will be introduced to a number of basic Finnish words used in everyday life. In the second part, you will learn basic grammar, and you may try out the words you learned in the first part by reading the story. Both parts will give you an all-round presentation of Finnish culture, offering web links to various Finnish sites for you to explore.

What I say:

Clear professionally crafted sections. Material available in English, French, German and Bulgarian.

Yleisradio (Finnish BBC)

LEVEL: Beginner

yle oneness city

What they say:

Want to learn some Finnish or practise what you already can? Easyfinnish is an elementary online course meant for anyone interested in learning Finnish. Do exercises, listen to audios, play a game, discuss with others or test your skills.

What I say:

The language of the course is English, non need to know any Finnish when starting this. It has a fun interface, but unfortunately it is not designed for moble devices. The site has not been updated for a while  and for exmple the link to the forum does not work.


Yleisradio (Finnish BBC)

LEVEL: BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, Some previous knowledge of Finnish is useful
What they say:
Supisuomea, a course in Finnish language and culture for foreigners, was first published in 2003. The online elementary course has now been updated to better serve self-learning. The course is in Finnish though, so any earlier knowledge of Finnish is very useful.
What I say:
Since the course itself is in Finnish, it is not the best place to start without some quidance. The course has glossaries in several languages ( ) and a series of videos with subtitles in Finnish or Swedish. (

Fun and practical self study course aimed mainly for exchange students coming to Finland.


What they say:

UUNO is a language learning material, created primarily to teach foreign exchange students something about the Finnish language and culture before they come to Finland. Of course, anybody who is interested can use the materials!

What I say:

Each lesson has its own vocabulary, grammar and cultural info section. They also promise games, nut unfortunately there are none! This has very practical approach and is created by professionals from several higher education institustes. Nice.

Finnish Pod 101 – Start Mastering FinnishToday


What they say:

Learn Finnish with FinnishPod101! No more dry, out of date textbook story lines! Here at FinnishPod101, you’ll learn Finnish with fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen to. But not only are they fun – they’re effective too! Join the hundreds of thousands of people already learning Finnish through the power of our mobile apps, desktop software and website with free Finnish lessons released every week!

What I say:

This is a commercial site, but they offer a lot of free materials as well. Their fees are resonable, worth a try. The material is produced by Innovative Language Learning, LLC which has been around since December 2005, so one might expect thet people have been satisfied.


Exercises and Grammar Online

A whole bunch of grammar and vocabulary for all levels

What They say:

Actually nothing. There is no information about the material or the person behind it at all.

What I say:

The material is very comprehensive. I have not gone through everything, but it looks ok and is nicely divided in groups. It has sections for different levels. Language is Finnish throughout. The Excercise links lead to separate external pages.

Large Collection of Phrases

What they say:

Surfacelanguages contains words, phrases and expressions in many different languages along with audio, flashcards and some language learning games. Surfacelanguages is a site celebrating the diversity of language and languages and the enjoyment of learning enough in many different languages rather than fluency in any particular one.

What I say:

The site is maintained by a private language enthusiast and is targeted for the English speaking audience. The quality of the audio is good and is a great plus to this site’s offerings.

On Site Courses


What they say:

Language Services offers open-enrolment Finnish courses all year round. You will study Finnish in an international group with experienced professional teachers. You can choose between intensive courses with fast progress or courses with a slower pace. On all courses you will need to invest time for substantive independent study.

What I say:

The most comprehensive offering in Finland. Vast choice of courses and levels all year round.

Summer Universities around the country.

What they say:

The Summer Universities in Finland have over 30 years of experience in organising Finnish language and culture courses. Annually more than 1,000 non-Finnish speakers from all parts of the world participate in the courses. The course levels vary from level 0 up to level B2-C1. It is also possible to take part in courses on special themes, such as oral or written communication. More and more courses are provided online, which makes it possible to participate from other countries as well.

You can find their Finnish language course shedules here, below is an example of what Helsinki has to offer

Helsinki Summer University
What they say:

The Summer University organises Finnish courses throughout the year. We have plenty of courses in our programme from basic to advanced levels, and during the summer we also offer oral skills courses and writing courses.

The basic courses focus on learning the basic structures of the Finnish language. These courses are intensive, and in addition to lessons, they require a substantial amount of independent study. The courses advance quickly and require good learning abilities.

What I say:

Large selection of mainly intensive courses. The fees are quite reasonable, for example EUR105 for 52 lessons! Day and evening lessons available.


Dictionaries, vocabulary and Grammar

Free dictionary: Just type in your word and it will detect the language

Free dictionary: Not just translations for words but also examples in context

Free dictionary: With over 7,000,000 words!

Free dictionary: Finnish-English-Finnish, also Android App available

Image and sound dictionary

Colourful teaching materials and games for building vocabulary

Flash card tests for vocabulary


Social Media

Teaching video series
Facebool-page for learning Finnish
Facebook Groups for Finnish language learners (Learn Finnish Language) (Finnish Language Cafe)

Other Resources

Videos on Youtube

A couple of movies with English subtitles
Kaurismäki: Arvottomat with English subtitles
Search engine for Finnish language courses
Various online exercises for Finnish language
Learning basic phrases for common situations
Conjucate verbs
Link list of useful Finnish language online resources by City of Helsinki
Link list of various aspects of life in Finland, including language


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