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Want to reach the rest of the world?

People all over the world are shopping from UK and US ecommerce sites. Businesses and consumers alike. Facebook offers many ways to target your page posts. And you can localize them.

Why not offer them better customer service by delivering news in their own language? Facebook pages are hugely popular and an easy and a low cost way to reach different audiences.

You don’t need to have a separate page for each audience or language, Facebook lets you target each post to whoever you like. Many multinationals do this already – and so should you. No matter what size your business is, it must  profitable, otherwise the biggies would not be doing it.

Try it with a language or two, see if it works. The targeted posts can be product news, offers or just piece of news or an article you think might interest your audience. Just anything you would post anyway.

You are in control of the page and the posts, just hire a marketing oriented translators do do the actual translations. You may also ask them to give you ideas what their own countrymen would like to read about.

To add some extra touch, have a landing page on your site for each language – the same translators can help you with those too.

Here is an example of a multinational with 21 000 000 + fans who targets some posts to different audiences in their own language.


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Satu Wiren is a seasoned EN-FI translator with contacts with other Scandinavian colleagues. She is ready to help you with your online writing needs in Finnish and can pull a team together for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian as well. Just give her a shout:

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