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What can do for you? How to reach Finland in a professional manner.

With the help of my education and long experience I am able to offer you a wide variety of services tailored to your needs. You get quality on time – I have many happy clients who have been with me since the beginning. They must have received value and realized the benefit of working with me.


Not just any translation – professional human translation. Translation that delivers your message the way you want it, but you also get the benefit of my knowledge of cultural differences, nyances and best practices. I will tell you, if something needs to be changed to fit the Finnish audience.

I can also translate into English. If the material is going to be published, I will have the copy checked by a native speaker. With the help of my network of freelance translators, you can get other languages as well with a one stop solution. I’ll be your translation project manager.


Bit more than regular translation. A mixture of copywriting and translation. I know the lingo – been there, seen it. I know if it is better to leave your tagline in English. Sometimes they just don’t look or sound good in other languages, so why spoil it.


SEO and SEM in Finnish

It is not enough just translate your keywords and phrases into other languages. You need to know what people are actually using as search strings. You may need different versions for something where just one is enough in English. I now how to write SEO friendly copy. Just tell me what you want.


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